A World of Bulbs

 Spring Flowering Bulbs are so easy to grow giving so much promise with minimal effort for the months ahead. Our type of plants!! We’ve selected some new varieties and some ‘old timers’ that have withstood the test of time.


1) Buy your Bulbs early – you get the pick of the bunch. NOW….store them in a cool dry place for planting later. WHY? The ground is too hot until later on in April. Make a note on the ‘fridge planner to check the bulbs every week or so.

2) Always use Debco Bulb Planting Mix when using pots and plant them out the same depth of the bulb beneath the soil surface.

3) The best time to plant them is from mid April onwards. We reckon around Anzac Day is perfect.

4) Once the bulbs are settled in to their new home, plant some viola or pansy seedlings above them. They will look fantastic when all abloom!

5) Feed with Debco Pro Vita Flower and Blossom Fertiliser.

6) One last tip: let the foliage of the bulbs die back naturally once flowering is over.


Some interesting varieties:


NEW – Allium Purple Rain

Tall stemmed Allium with dramatic purple umbels of flowers – up to 17 cm wide


NEW – Daffodil Accent

Crisp White Daffies with a ruffled pink trumpet


NEW – Tulip Queensland

Extravagant fringed petals – a froth of pink and white


Some old favourites:


Anemone St Brigid

Carpets of Colour in Spring – low growing and easy to grow. Red, white, blue and pink. A great cut flower.


Daffodil King Alfred

All Yellow and an all time favourite. It dates back for decades and is still one of everyone’s favourites. Grab a bag of them and plant in pots or scatter in the garden.


Freesia Sweet Scented Mix

The fragrance is delectable and irresistible. Really easy to grow and a top seller. Grow them in a pot close to where you can enjoy the scent.

10L Debco Bulb Mix.jpg

AND you can’t go wrong with any of these listed below.

They may not be quite so glamorous BUT they are winners as they are very reliable and will bloom year after year: 

Sparaxis, Ixias, Tritonias, Babianas, Blue Bells, Lachenalia, Dutch Iris, Snowflake and Grape Hyacinth. Give some a go – you won’t be disappointed!