Autumn Helpers

Time spent now in the garden will reap huge rewards. Here’s why…..

‘Autumn is The BEST time of the year for planting out trees, shrubs, perennials, bulbs and seedlings.’

The ground is cooler and all new plantings will perform with less stress, settle in over the cooler months and ‘take off’ next spring. Makes sense!

 What you need are some Garden Helpers:

Cow Manure: This natural product is so good for the soil and all plants love it as a soil-enriching agent. Take advantage of our great deal and ‘Buy up Big!’

 Big Hands: Gather up all the falling leaves with these giant hands.

 TIP: Please don’t throw leaves in the green bin unless you haven’t a choice. They make great mulch. If there are a lot of leaves, spread them out on the lawn and run the mover over them (set high) and then either compost or use as a mulch.

 Folding Saw: Time to tidy up deciduous trees once they are free of foliage. Cut out any week limbs. Always wipe cutting tool blades with an oily cloth after use

 Telescopic Rake: Handy garden rake that stows away neatly

 Secateurs: One can never have too many decent secateurs. These are sturdy and well priced. Remember to use that oily cloth after use.

 Soil Wetting Agent: An absolute essential for all garden beds. Use it and you will SAVE WATER!

 TIP: Dig in existing old garden mulch; scatter SaturAid (soil wetting agent) and dig in lightly; water in well; apply new mulch. The garden beds are now set up for the next 6 months. You can repeat the process in spring. This TIP is really important and will improve the soil, save water and make for happier and healthy plants.

Extra’s: Don’t forget the Powerfeed, Seasol, Sudden Impact For Roses, Bypass Loppers & Osmocote!