The Edibles

 The Veggie Plot

Now is the time to plant out all those fabulous cooler weather veggies such as Broccoli Magic Dragon, Spinach Silverstar and Snowpeas. Cabbage, Cauliflower and Brussels Sprouts are all ‘good to go’ now as well.

OCP Range.jpg


1) Prepare the ground with plenty of Cow Manure – see our fantastic ‘special deal’. Once planted, give the young seedlings a gentle watering with diluted Seasol.

2) If you have problems with ‘munchies’ of any sort that decimate tender young seedlings, why not place a collar around each one – cut down cool drink bottles are great – any cylindrical object will suffice until the plants are strong enough to cope in the big wide world!

3) Many varieties of Peas are climbers, so provide ‘wigwams’ of bamboo canes.

4) We recommend that you embrace Organic Gardening. Nobody wants to eat veggies that have been raised with chemical products. Eco-friendly fertilisers and sprays are the way to go.

5) If you can only garden in pots, don’t worry. All the plants and tips mentioned above are appropriate for pot cultivation. Remember to use a really good potting mix. Also pots dry out faster than garden beds, so watch the watering.

Microgreens tray pack & plants HR.JPG

Microgreen Tray Set

 This is an ideal way to grow nutritious salad sprouts. Let the little ones learn about growing plants with this kit – it’s easy! Salad sprouts are rich in essential vitamins and are perfect for school sandwiches. If the kids have grown them, they will eat them!

herb & veg garden.jpg

The Herb Corner

 You can still plant out plenty of herbs that will like the cooler temperatures. We suggest these: Parsley (Italian and Curly), Oregano, Thyme and Chives. Coriander definitely prefers cooler weather as does Chervil and Dill.

 TIP: Herbs need loads of sun. Oregano and Thyme need minimal fertiliser and not too much water, whereas the others like a good feed and drink!