Hanging Baskets are IN!

 If you follow any plant/fashion trends, you will have noticed that Indoor/Patio Plants are all the rage and Hanging Baskets are very trendy!

We’ve got some great Hanging Basket Plants for you and without question THE BEST Indoor/Patio plant is Devil’s Ivy – fancy name is Pothos!

We’ve got this in supersize hanging baskets and it’s a real IGC Winner. Unbelievably tough, will grow anywhere including the bathroom, low light areas – we could go on! Treat yourself to an INDESTRUCTIBLE plant – buy a Pothos today!

 TIP: Water and fertilise sparingly. Wipe the leaves clean with a damp cloth – please don’t use an oil based product.

 NOTE: You may not want to grow the Devil’s Ivy as a hanging plant. No Worries! Place your plant in a suitable decorative ‘cover’ pot – no holes! Place the pot on a ledge where the Ivy can trail down.

Left to right (Goldilocks, Marble Queen & The Ordinary Devils Ivy)

Left to right (Goldilocks, Marble Queen & The Ordinary Devils Ivy)

Ipomea HB.JPG

Ipomea: Another great hanging basket plant – the exotic foliage is very colourful and fast growing. Great for a semi-shade spot outdoors. Tough and Easy care

Dichondra Silver Falls.jpg

Dichondra Silver Falls: Stunning cascading foliage with a beautiful silvery effect. This is ‘one tough hombre!’ It lives up to its name and loves a sunny spot in the garden. We’ve got it in large hanging baskets and 125 mm pots as well.

ivy geraniums 4.jpg

Ivy Geraniums: Old favourites that just keep on flowering month after month. All they ask for is sun! A real super standby plant.