Disease and Pest Diagnosis

Pictured: Azalea with severe lace bug damage, easily treatable with an Imidacloprid spray and tablets

We offer a wide variety of Horticultural services, however the most frequent are plant disease and or pest diagnosis.

If your plant is suffering from an unknown ailment, or a problem you have identified but are unsure how to treat, we ask that you please bring in a sample.

Sample: Any samples should be brought in inside a clear zip lock bag to prevent further spread of infection. Samples should include anything that is unusual or your plant, whether that be damage, insects, mould or something unidentifiable.

Photos: In any case that is appropriate we recommend also taking some additional photos (on your phone is fine) in case the problem isn't immediately identifiable from the sample. Sometimes when we can't see the plant it can be difficult to understand the description, so whilst they don't always help, photo's certainly never hurt!

If you forget your Sample/Photo's: We will do our best to help you even if you don't bring anything to examine. Much like a regular doctor, our plant doctors can often suggest treatments with NEAR perfect accuracy for common pest problems or diseases like scale, aphids or lace bug.