Loyalty Program

Honeysuckle has a long standing VIP reward scheme for frequent shoppers! You can sign up to our customer card free of charge in store, which provides various benefits;

  • Discount Vouchers
    • Any sale over $20 will receive a discount voucher off plants valid for 60 days, the discount is calculated based on how much you spend, and VIP members always receive larger vouchers calculated at a higher rate.
  • Stamps
    • We have a Honeysuckle Card that collects stamps and when filled acts as a $50 gift voucher off anything in store (with no expiry!) Stamps are calculated on spends in store per day. Ask our friendly team any questions you may have.
  • Catalogues
    • Our VIP members have the option to opt in for catalogue deliveries which come at the beginning of Spring, Summer & Autumn each year. These catalogues are filled with gardening advice for the up and coming season as well as special deals that are only available to our VIP members.